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I highly recommend AI Professional, Semantic Author and Agency Writer — each has the ability to fine tune the creative output and each is unique in its approach to the same keyword phrase."

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"Man this is crazy cool. So how does it do that? And how do I get access? Let me know how to pay!"

- Fred Vinson

"Hey Peter, I just want to say AI Professional is amazing! I just wrote a 1,500 word article in 15 minutes."

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"Your Frase wizardry is insane! So far I've had brilliant results..."

- Richard Stout

"Thank you, and awesome job with the templates."

- Rahmantogusnyta Mariantisna

Authored Intelligence Templates Review: 

An Intense Frase Long-form Templates Review

Read an independent in-depth review of the Authored Intelligence templates including Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease and Grade Scores



Off the charts!

"Wow the readability is off the charts".

- Damon Nelson

It almost made me want to change careers

"Just tried a super dry subject of "Talk about a career as a Google PPC advertising manager".

Without your hack I got an output that was concise and better than most, but when I added your magic trick I received an output that almost made me want to change careers. 

Bravo Peter "

- Philip Home

I didn't even know what these were all about...

"I can vouch for Peter's tools. 2 weeks ago, I didn't even know what these were all about. Today I'm writing SOPs for my agency where we mostly use his tools for AI content output."

- Ivan Juras

Note: Creating and maintaining effective standard operating procedures (SOPs) is no simple task.

Turning sentences into gold

"Your rewriting tools turn sentences into gold."

- Philip Higginson

Really good results

"I just tried it, it gives really good results. Thank you so much!"

- Hoai Tibma

No need for Quillbot

"No need to use quillbot for rewriting anymore, your tip makes it really easy to read. Thank you!

- Parinpa Ketarl

Awesome Sales Copy

"This looks awesome sales copy, very impressed."

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"AI Professional is super-awesome! I'm loving it."

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Invaluable tips

Thank you so much for sharing this invaluable tip. I will put it to use this week. Always great reading your comments and posts within the community.

Staggered by the possibilities

"I have to say I am staggered by the possibilities of these tools and wish I had taken more of an interest sooner.  I have spent several hours playing and testing different prompts and find it fascinating."

- David Oggy

Instantly improves your ideas

"Your tools like gold. They have already helped me to improve my writing but the benefit of this magic command means that when I write unique content, I can just dump it in at the prompt, and instantly improve it."

- Warren Gouin

Thanks a zillion

"Thanks a zillion!"

- Jeffry Thurana

Unbelievable Combo

Unbelievable combo mate! Like winning the lottery. Well done  

- Graham George

Unfair advantage

"Your templates have saved me so much time. It’s an unfair advantage. Of all the tools I’ve tested your’s creates the best content hands down!!

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True copywriter feel

"I love Agency Writer it's the only template I know of with a true copywriter feel. AI Professional gives me some great content too."

- Massimiliano Geraci

Blown away

"I'm blown away. I used a topic "local website designers", within an hour I've written a outline of a 1200 word guide. Fabulous output, thanks Peter ☺️ So fast and so precise"

- Erling McCracken


I'm testing right now, it's fascinating! Thank you!

- Jem Ima

Your stuff is amazing!

"Wow! Your stuff is amazing man. I was working on something for days but your templates spit out great content really quickly."

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Worth their weight in gold

Peter, your templates and ideas are worth their weight in gold! Thanks for all that you do.!

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"AI Professional is also super-awesome! I'm loving it."

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Really like Semantic Author

My site is for automotive glass, and I really like the content Semantic Author generates.

- Shawn Longmore

Very, very powerful

Hi Peter, the output is amazing!!! Very very powerful. Thank you for it 

- Petr Chlada

Magic command

Thank you for the magic command, it is absolutely brilliant. 

- James Brooke

Crazy good!

Wow! Super stuff, Peter! The results have been mind-blowing. Like crazy good! It sounds like some high-end stuff written by a very well-paid author!

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I'm blown away

"Just wanted to let you know that I am blown away by the outputs."

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Great job!

"Thank again Peter. Really appreciate the work you put into your templates. Great job."

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"Very clever, amazed by the engaging output."

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